A Brighter Dental Experience


A Brighter Dental Experience

If you are thinking of replacing a fallen or extracted tooth with a dental implant and a fixed prosthesis, the prices of dental implants in Albania are cheaper than in your country: excellent quality dental products saving 70%!

But how much do dental implants cost in Albania?

Thanks to the facilitated taxation in Albania, the prices of our dental implants and fixed prostheses can be much lower than in other countries.

But the dental products we offer at our clinic are all of quality, with CE certification and implant passport for implants (for product traceability).

Implant & Crowns Price

Titanium implant from 399 €

In Albania, at the Clinic, you can have titanium dental implants starting from € 399. Prices include the entire procedure  with

All on 6 implantology 4799 €

For patients who have lost many teeth, All on 6 implantology is worthwhile: an entire dental arch fixed on six implants.With the price of the All on 6 fixed dental prosthesis in 12 zirconium is only 4799 

Total mouth, All on 6 implantology only 9800€

For patients who have lost all teeth, All on 6 implantology is worthwhile: an entire dental arch fixed on six implants. 2 x arch fixed on 6 implants. With the price of the all mouth  dental prosthesis in 24  zirconium is only 9800 

Dental Crowns Price

Metal Porcelan 99 €

  • Porcelain fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns are another widely used type of dental crowns. They provide both strength (due to their metal structure) and aesthetics (due to the porcelain coat that covers the cap).

Zirconia 199 €

  •  Zirconia Crowns are restorations that cover the external portion of a tooth down to the gum level. Can be used to restore a damaged tooth or can be layered with porcelain to blend seamlessly with the neighboring natural.

E-Max Crown 239€

  • The E-Max crown is the newest and most expensive type of crown. It is preferred over zirconium crowns because it is tougher and more durable. It is less prone to chipping than zirconium crowns.

Veneers 249 €

  • Aesthetic veneers are thin ceramic sheets or composite resins that correct some dental defects such as broken, chipped, stained, crooked. You will have aesthetic dental veneers for only 249(From 350 to 249)